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Do you have a major cooking appliance on the fritz? We know you need the ability to cook a decent meal at home, which is why we’re here to help! Nickel Appliance offers fast, affordable range, cooktop, and oven repair Warren for every model and malfunction.

Our local technicians are experts when it comes to range and oven repair in Warren, MI and the surrounding areas. We have years of experience working on every type of cooking appliance including gas and electric ovens, ranges, cooktops, and more.

Don’t go another day without a working cooking appliance! Instead, schedule your range or oven repair in Warren with one of our expert appliance technicians today. We’ll fix the problem and have your model back to work in no time!

Why Nickel Appliance for Range & Oven Repair in Warren?

Range & Oven Repair Warren Services We Offer

When your stovetop, range, or oven needs professional service, you’ve come to the right place. Our technicians provide the best range & oven repair Warren has to offer. We guarantee 5-star service and a long-lasting repair for your appliance.

We service a wide variety of residential cooking appliances, so you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands. No matter if your Viking range burner won’t light or you have a Samsung oven not heating up, Nickel Appliance has you covered! So leave your broken appliance to the best range and oven repair Warren service company. These common problems are only some of what we fix: 

Oven Won't Heat Up Properly

Most people discover that their oven isn’t heating up at the worst time; when you’re about to cook dinner! Don’t let a broken oven ruin your next big meal. Let our oven repair Warren specialists fix what’s wrong, such as:

  • Blown thermal fuse
  • Damaged bake element
  • Faulty oven igniter

Oven Not Baking Evenly

If you pull a dish out of the oven with one half cooked and the other half uncooked, it’s likely that something is broken. Luckily, our range repair Warren techs know what to look for. Some of the most common causes for this are:

  • Temperature sensor failure
  • Bake element broken
  • Defective gas igniter

Gas Stove Burner Won't Light

Is your favorite stove burner not igniting all of a sudden? This is a common problem, and one that we know how to fix quickly and affordably. Schedule service today, and we’ll find out what’s causing the problem, including: 

  • Faulty gas igniter
  • Broken spark ignition switch
  • Defective gas valve

Range Burners Keep Clicking

We know that it’s normal to hear a gas range burner start to click when we turn it on. But what about when it won’t stop? While it may be alarming, it’s more common than you might think. Here are the most likely reasons for it: 

  • Dirty stove burners
  • Failed spark module
  • Defective spark ignition switch

We Service All Major Range & Oven Brands

Major Brands | High-End Brands

Dealing with a malfunctioning appliance is enough of a hassle on its own. We know that you just want it to be fixed without worrying about who can repair what. That’s why we make things easy on you by providing oven and range repair Warren for all the top appliance brands!

Our professionals have the experience, skill, and training to properly diagnose and most repair major and high-end brands.  Whether you anything from GE oven repair to Viking range repair Warren, you can rest easy knowing that we have you covered. Nickel Appliance Repair will ensure that your range is fixed correctly the first time.